M Tech in Artificial Intelligence

This is a two-year programme offered by XCOMP under Xavier University Bhubaneswar. AI is one of the fast-growing areas of Computer Science. The programme will empower the aspirants with AI skills and competencies through innovation and smart leaning experiences. This professional program offers excellent career opportunities.


The eligibility for admission to M. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence shall be A 4-year bache lor ’s degre e in En gin ee rin g/ Te ch n ology/ Scien ce , or MCA (with Physics and Math during B. Sc.) with at least 60% aggregate marks or equiv. CGPA. Selection of students shall be based on their academic credentials, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and personal interview.

You may contact the Dean's office for the program related questions (contact@xcomp.edu.in or by phone). All admission-related queries may be addressed to: admission@xub.edu.in
Phone: 0674 – 2377 806

Course Duration and Structure

The duration of the Course is two years consisting of four semesters. Ordinarily the odd semester examinations shall be held in January and even semester examinations in the month of June.
School of Computer Science & Engineering, Xavier University will offer this course under semester system. It will have internal system of valuation.


The course has 4 semesters spread over 2 years. Core courses and electives offered are as follows.

Year One 1/2

Semester I
1. Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science and Engineering
2. Analysis and Design of Algorithm
3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
4. Distributed Operating System
5. Digital Signal Processing
6. Computer Programming Lab
7. Software Engineering Lab
8. Seminar

Semester II
1. Advanced Computer Architecture
2. Data and Knowledge Mining
3. High Speed network
4. Elective – I
5. Elective – II
6. NLP & DSP Lab
7. Web Programming Lab
8. Seminar

Year Two 2/2

Semester III
1. Knowledge Management
2. Machine Learning
3. Advanced Software Engineering
4. Elective – III
5. Elective – IV
6. Software Systems Lab – I
7. Software Systems Lab – II
8. Seminar

Semester VI
1. Comprehensive Viva-Voce
2. Thesis/Dissertation & Viva-Voce

Electives 1-2

1. Machine Learning
2. Multi-modal Interface
3. Natural Language Processing
4. Image Processing Technology
5. Speech Processing Technology
6. Innovative Cross-Lingual Application
7. Cryptography and Network Security
8. Mobile Communication and Cloud Computing

The above list of electives is open and will be offered if sufficient demand exists.



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XCOMP is currently mentored Professors of international reputation. The mentors guide in the formulation of syllabi, proper running of the course and connect us with industry. They also hold meetings with the students and faculty at regular intervals and visit them annually.

Dr Sanghamitra Mohanty

Mohanty researches topics in the fields of artificial intelligence, speech processing, image processing, natural language processing, fractal geometry, weather prediction, and high energy physics. Mohanty has thirteen Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) on Indian Language Technology Solutions. More than 160 of her research papers have been published in international journals and conference proceedings.She has visited a number of institutions in India and abroad for academic collaboration and research.

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Dr Sanghamitra Mohanty

The mentors include;
Prof. Chitta Baral of Arizona State University, USA.
Prof. Prasant Mohapatra of the University of California, Davis, USA
Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, Senior Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, USA.


My graduation results are not yet out or I haven't received the certificates. Can I still take admission?

Yes, you can. You will be given provisional admission subjected to submission of certificates at the ealiest but not later after the commencement of the first semester examinations.

The University has a centre for Career Advisory Services who will guide you in this. XCOMP stresses a lot of importance on the curriculum content and learning process which will enble the students to fetch a good job or pursue higher studies in any university in the world.

For successful completion of M Tech in AI, good knowledge of Mathematics and basic computer engineering concepts are very important. Deep desire to learn and a passion for knowledge will result in excellence.

Depending on the availability of rooms in the hostel, one can apply for hostel rooms. They are sigle rooms with double sharing. Out station students are encouraged to stay in the campus.

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